Angelika Bönisch

Born in Thuringia, Angelika Bönisch grew up with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Händel and has deep roots in European baroque music. She is however equally at home in contemporary music and in the Tango tradition of the Argentine. 

In her work Angelika Bönisch is particularly fond of compositions by women. Works by Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn, Louise Farrenc or Nadja Boulanger are an integral part of her programmes with her duo partner Dorit Kohne (piano) and the piano trio „Trio Sonora“.

Bönisch is in close professional contact with the internationally known composer Violeta Dinescu who dedicated one of her works to her. In addition to Dinescu‘s composition LYTANIAE an intense lamentation for solo violoncello Bönisch plays four works by the composer, which she likes to combine in her solo programmes with movements from J.S.Bach‘s solo suites to create an encounter between old and new music. 

In 2022 she expanded her repertoire with the solo piece VARSHA a rain song by the Indian-American composer Reena Esmail which is inspired by old  Indian Raags. This led Angelika Bönisch to explore more women composers from outside Europe. See here.